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The Lolita Snatcher

James was in a bad place. His only son was kidnapped by the Lolita Snatcher. The Lolita Snatcher's M.O. was to steal a young boy. Once he had the boy, he would send the ransom note. What made it different was the ransom was not money but transformation of the father into a lolita. If the father did not follow all of the Lolita Snatcher's instructions, his son would be murdered. However, if after 6 months, the father was a perfect lolita, his son would be returned unharmed.

Police had no leads and James was forced to do what was necessary out of love for his child. He read up on lolita style. He dieted until he was the thinnest he'd ever been. He had laser hair removal on his face and the rest of his body. His wife taught him how to walk and act feminine. James went to lolita conventions and interacted while dressed. He immersed himself in it and found a new side of himself. The more lolita he became, the better the chance his son would be returned to him. Why wouldn't he?

Finally, the time had come. James was supposed to come to the square and wait. If he had done it all right, his son would be returned to him. How do you think the son fared?