Open for Regina

I hope you sissies have kept busy with your tanning. There's no reason to squander your summer, sissy - get out there and take the steps to being a better sissy.

That's obviously  long-term sissy project, but there's certainly some shorter term tasks to help you on your way.

Yes, I know, many of you sissies don't actually have petite feet - It doesn't matter what size they physically are, it's how you work them and treat them.

And don't you fucking dare tell me you don't even have clear nail polish, sissy. There are kinds that even men use to strengthen weak nails; tell the cashier you're working on an art project if you want to play up the charade that you're not a complete and utter sissy.

Alter Ego (Poster)

A good rule of thumb would be that your inner sissy always knows what's best (...for your inner sissy).


Your song needs to be from this year. Maybe you like retro clubs and like to be a hipster that listed to classic rock, but in order to be trendy and fluid at modern clubs you'll need to work with something more modern.

It needs to be sung by a girl. You are not some masculine, chiseled baritone - you are a sissy girl and you're going to practice singing like a girl. Girly lyrics are a definite plus; referring to yourself as a girl or queen in song will always help in the long-term.

Lastly it needs to be upbeat, with a fast tempo. Something you can move and dance to. None of that shuffling shit. Get down, swing your ass and move your arms (with the rhythm, obviously).

If you're not up on modern hits and pop music you can always try one of these:

Love on Top - Beyonce

Call me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Bad Girls - M.I.A.

 And then you're going to practice singing the song you pick at least once per day (as feminine-sounding as you can - I expect progressive improvement). You'll also dance to it, but you're also going to dance to other songs as well -- at least 15 minutes of sexy, sensual dancing in rhythm with the music you choose. You can start by watching videos (you don't need to stick with modern music for practicing dancing Britney Spears, Beyonce, Shakira and many others are good places to start, whether or not you like the music). But you will dance and practice what you see.

I expect you to work at this and become a passable dancer for cheering on your favorite athlete(s) in the last day of the Olympics, but you're going to keep practicing with new songs and new dances. Clubbing and dancing is the favorite weekend activity of many young women, so it's time you learned how much you love it too (the fact that it will help you get fit, move more sensually and maybe act a bit sluttier is just a bonus).

This is an excellent starting step to get you outside, confident enough to dance and hangout in front of other people. Now get out there and start shaking that moneymaker, sissy.

Nothing to it...

...Except maybe 18 months or so. Lots of exciting and not so exciting stuff taking up loads of time.

Hello again sissies! Not that I frequent a ton of places online, but I was surprised to see that I have any semblance of a fanbase. Thanks for the support and thanks for visiting (even while I'm away)!

I'm afraid I can't really promise any sort of consistency, but I'd hate to leave all of the sissies around to just stare at videos and listen to erotic hypnosis all day long. There's so much more you could be doing to help your inner sissy flourish.

2014 Resolutions

It's still January, so you still have time to decide on a sissy resolution for the year. There are plenty of good ones. If you have the hair for it, growing it out is always a great option. Getting a little bit more femme by plucking your eyebrows also provides a good long-term investment in your girliness. But here are some other ideas to help with your feminization and sissification:

 1. Give up the sugary drinks and snacks.

Nothing is harder on your figure than soda, sweetened tea and super sweet energy drinks. They're a lot of empty calories you don't need and prevent you from looking your best. So start replacing your drinks with water, (soy) milk, coffee or tea (fennel or spearmint tea in particular might be useful for sissies seeking a little Giving up soda cold turkey can be difficult; you may need to ween yourself off of the sweetened drinks by allowing yourself a treat when you complete a goal (or just one for the weekend). Not buying the drinks in the first place is the safest way to make sure you don't accidentally relapse. But if you can hold off completely you'll be on your way to a slimmer, healthier body for your inner sissy. And of course, the money you save could go to a nice dress or that perfect pair of shoes...

 2. Buy a chastity cage.

A chastity cage for your clitty is a great investment. It lets you play risk/reward games with yourself and, more importantly, helps you avoid the unwarranted shame and doubt that often creeps in whenever a sissy cums. As a bonus for cum-loving sissies, holding off on masturbation for 2-3 days will make sure you have a nice big surprise waiting when (or if :D ) you do get the chance to cum.

It may be difficult to wear a chastity cage for prolonged periods at first, but after a few times for a couple hours and then a couple days you'll be on your way to a hornier, girlier you. If you don't have someone to hang onto your key for you, freezing it into a block of ice always helps keep you honest.

3. Start wearing a bra for the whole day at least once per week

That's right - lift and support. From the start of your day until you hop into bed, you'll wear a bra for the whole day at least once per week. The kind of bra is up to you (it is your resolution after all): wonder bras, sports bras, push-up bras... Your choice of style is almost as limitless as your choice of color and material.

Still got most of your sissy-ness hidden away in a closet? Unless you're wearing white shirts and planning on getting wet you've got nothing to worry about (especially with a slim, tight fitting sports bra). In terms of "easy to hide", most sissies think panties or pantyhose are the safest option. But ask yourself this: How many plumbers cracks have you seen on an average day? And compare that to how many bare shoulders you have seen. Unless you're spending an awful lot of time at the beach, you'll notice that you never really see anyone's upper chest or shoulders. Even if you're hesitant, you've got nothing to fear. Except for maybe the trips to the lingerie store.

4. Perpetual pedicure

If a bra seems like it's too much, perhaps it's time to go a bit lower? Keep your toenails in tip-top shape the entire year. Make sure they're polished at least 24 days per month (keep in mind that darker pigments can lead to discoloration, so you may want to just go clear and shiny every once and a while). By the time you get to summer, you might be so disappointed no one gets to see your handiwork that you'll want to wear sandals just to show off!

As with most resolutions, it's best to set a schedule so that you develop a routine you can follow (for example, make Sunday pedicure day where you clean up and apply a fresh, new color).

Remember that your resolution should push your boundaries but not exceed them. If it's a resolution you can't keep it's not much of a resolution. Cutting out sugary drinks or only cumming once per week are good budget resolutions any sissy can do without worry.

Time to get out there and show your resolve to be a better, beautiful sissy in 2014!

Hands Free

Unfortunately, kissing still counts as touching.

As well as something many sissies love that goes a bit beyond kissing.

Ending the Addiction (Sissy Lifestyle)

It's a sad fact that many sissies just have not embraced the comfort, variety, beauty and femininity of panties as everyday wear. Some sissies choose to go each day wearing gross tighty whiteys or unflattering boxers. You are girly and feminine and beautiful—You deserve to wear panties, sissy!

Unfortunately, switching over to panties in one fell-swoop is not feasible for most sissies. Male underwear is an addiction you have to break, girl. And just like smoking, going cold turkey usually ends with poor results. Some sissies have a fear that people will notice, some start too lavishly and can't find panties to wear every day (ironically named boyshorts are perfect if your clitty is being bothersome!). And some sissies have to contend with snooping roommates and family members—so it can be important to go slow.

Needless to say, if you don't even have any girly underwear, your first step is going to have to be buying panties (I recommend using packs of underwear to help build your wardrobe at first).

Now to get on the road to recovering from icky men's underwear. Naturally, if you're here, you should already be wearing a pair of sleek, comfortable, girly panties.

Now gather up all your inappropriate male underwear. How many pairs do you have sissy? That's how many weeks you'll be working on your assignment. Grab a permanent marker or a scissors. It's time for your weekly ritual. And remember: never touch yourself before you complete your assignment.

Start by repeating this:

I promise never to buy men's underwear ever again. 
I am a sissy that deserves to wear women's underwear.
Panties make me confident, sexy and feminine.

Good girl! Repeat as many times as necessary.

Image from Shemale Yum
Now look through your old, stale men's underwear. Find any that have holes or tears and get rid of them. Write "NOT FOR SISSIES" with your marker or simply cut them to pieces. Then throw them out. Think about it sissy, why do you have these tattered clothes? There's no good reason to keep them around.

If you carefully handle your clothes and have a suitable dainty lifestyle (or you're on your second week), you may find that all of your bland male underwear is in tip-top shape (at least in terms of fabric quality). In that case, take your most stained, dirtiest or frayed underwear and get rid of it the same way as before.

Once your old male underwear is tattered remnants or properly marked, throw it in the trash where it belongs.

This will be your weekly endeavor. Set aside a day each week and do it like a good girl. You will slowly wean yourself off the unnecessary habit of wearing men's underwear. As a bonus: more room for awesome girly panties or other clothes in your wardrobe.

(For secretive sissies: other people, like family members or a wife are still allowed to buy underwear for you. You are not allowed to ask them to do it. And you're still going to have to do all the weeks you set forth at the start.)

An Early Start

Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all you need.

Even if it takes a bit encouragement, getting started on sissydom early can pay off in the end. So follow the age-old advice: Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Nail Polish Appreciation (Assignment)

I will admit it: I loooove nail polish.

Lots of people have foot fetishes, I have a hand fetish. A well-manicured hand with the perfect color is fantastic. It's another aspect of style that women get to tailor to their wardrobe. Some sissies have sort of mannish nails (but don't worry, some girls have short stubby nails, too). In that case, it's probably time to make sure you're growing your nails out enough that they are longer than they are wide.

Being a sissy is great, and it's time to celebrate the girly benefits for beauty. Tight pants may have become in vogue for women and men. Some men can get by with a slight bit of make-up. With the right form, they can even pass unnoticed wearing a woman's shirt. But bright, shiny, long nails? Only for girls. Men are stuck with the dregs of short, stubby nails with - if they're lucky - black or dark blue nail polish as part of some punk theme.

A lot of sissies are keen on bright red and french manicure (naked + white tips) styles. Those can be great, but I feel like they're a bit old-fashioned (and it's important that sissies keep up to date with fashionable trends). My favorites are actually blues. Maybe it's the irony, maybe it's the fact that light blue used to be a color for girls, but it's always been my favorite (and what guy would wear metallic sky blue nail polish?). Although, pink is close second.

Whatever your favorite color: It's time to show your fingers a bit of appreciation.

Time to pick out your favorite nail polish (or time to get a 'gift' for your 'sister' if you're a bit of a closet sissy).
Now you're going to give yourself an immaculate manicure. Wipe off the brush as it comes out of bottle, dab it at the back of your nail so the polish spreads to your cuticle and then swipe the brush out to the tip. Do it for every nail on both hands. A lot of nail polish looks a bit 'translucent' with just one coat, so make sure they look perfect. Make sure you have amazingly smooth nails with no residue on your cuticles or the skin around your nails. I'm sure you've done this plenty of times before, sissy. 

Now the actual assignment: You need to take a picture of your nails and post it online or share it with someone. 

There's no reason to be afraid, sissy. No one will recognize you by your hands (of course, you can include more in the picture if you want). You can share it with someone you know or anonymous people online (or even with me). If you don't have an actual camera, then it's time to be a bit more daring and use the camera on your phone or a webcam screen capture. If you don't have any of those things, then it's time to take a stroll outside wearing your nail polish; its the 21st century, sissy and you have the internet—there's no reason you shouldn't have a camera.

Show the world your beautiful, feminine nails, sissy!

(Remember sissy: By e-mailing me a picture you are giving me irrevocable consent to display it, so don't be surprised if it shows up here.)

More and More Patience

Good things come to those who wait. Even if you might not look forward to them at first.

Maybe a bit like this caption :D

I Am My Daughter's Bitch

"I was feeling totally helpless and impaled between these two massive cocks, if my wife had walked in at that moment then I could have done nothing about it, I was totally in my mistress/daughter's control as she thrust into my arse and then Joe did the same with my mouth. Soon, I was rocking back and forth on my knees, trying to get each cock to enter me harder and deeper."
I Am My Daughter's Bitch is the story of a father caught out by his own daughter and made to become her sissy sex slave. Unsatisfied husband James Day starts an affair with a co-worker, only when his sexy young daughter Kaylee discovers it, James is desparate for his wife not to find out. Kaylee agrees not to tell provided she can have a little bit of fun with her daddy, transforming him into Jasmine, a crossdressed sissy with a yearning for cock.

Lolita Tg Pink Maid

What a super cute photo of the pretty maid. I love her pale pink satin maid dress and how is accentuates all her great curves. I hope that she's been having a fun time serving her Mistress.

Bare (Sissy Lifestyle)

Assignments are great - I have fun making them and doing them (and they seem to be a favorite for people not stopping by for a quick fap - not to knock fapping, it's necessary with an unrestrained sissy's sexual drive). But there's only so much you can do with a task that lasts one or two days that any sissy can easily complete. So today is the first Sissy Lifestyle assignment.

Sissy Lifestyle assignments are for sissies that have come to embrace their inner girl. And while you might not be ready to shout from the rooftops that you are a sissy, you're ready to invest more of your time and money into her needs (after all, if you spend $50 on clothes in a month, how fair is it that she gets nothing?).

Now you see it...

Since most sissies are diving into the depths of winter and since this is the first sissy lifestyle assignment, we'll start easy: shaving. Nothing to buy, nothing to risk. All you'll need is a little time.

Women generally have finer body hair than men. It is also thinner and grows in fewer places. For instance, women do not generally get hair on their breasts, whereas a hairy chest is often a sign of manliness (and many men have hair around their nipples). Underarm and leg shaving is all the rage throughout the world (for women - so that means for you too, sissy!) - whether for aesthetic, athletic or religious reasons.

For this sissy lifestyle assignment you are going to spend the winter keeping yourself shaved like a woman in the most inconspicuous places. The first day will certainly be the most daunting, since you'll have the most work (as you end up shaving more often and with more skill it will go faster and require less clean up). You can remove the hair any way you like, but I very much recommend against an electric razor (it's easier to get razor burn and the shave isn't close).

Now you don't...

Shaving is best done in or right after a shower or bath, when your pores are open and the hair follicles are most accessible. Since most sissies don't have the funds or courage to go for full facial hair removal you might as well start there and shave normally. For the purposes of this assignment you are going to shave your legs and your underarms - the two (and, in the winter, very clandestine) parts of your body destined for feminization first. If you're very hairy, or a more courageous sissy, you should also shave your chest and back.

(I haven't included the pubic area since that is up to you - a woman's or sissy's decision to shave down below is her own preference (but may I recommend a heart shape? :D)).

Leg shaving can be very tricky, so you may want to consult a wiki. Remember that if you have a fresh, sharp blade you really don't need any pressure, just pull the blade gently and smoothly along the skin. And if you have sensitive skin or skin prone to in-grown hairs, shave with the grain multiple times instead of shaving against the grain (for the legs, this would be downwards instead of upwards).

Making it a Lifestyle

Of course, now you'll need a normal shaving schedule, sissy!

Many women shave their legs every 3 to 5 days since leg hair stubble becomes more noticeable after about 72 hours. You'll certainly want to match their feminine routine. Every 3 (or 4 if you want to set it to specific days of the week) you are going to shave your armpits and your legs. And you're going to continue that routine until April.

Of course, by then you may be so locked in your routine that you won't have any inclination to stop. After all, you could always claim you're shaving for other reasons in addition to becoming a better sissy!

Unpolished (Assignment)

When I was in high school I once used my sister's clear nail polish . Not the most observant girl back in those days, I enjoyed putting the polish on, but completely forgot I was wearing it. That is, until I was sitting at lunch at school the next day and saw that my nails seemed to be ...quite a bit more reflective than I remembered. As far as I know, not one noticed my nuanced femininity and instilled some confidence in me to be a bit more bold with my sissydom.

Today your inner sissy will be a bit more bold, but it may be difficult. Assignments where you have to not do something can be the hardest of all. Sissies tend to be very easy to arouse sexually and many cum very easily (that is why it's never a bad idea for a mistress to invest in a chastity cage - if only to use a few hours at a time). But let's get started!

You'll need to find a pale or light-colored nail polish (although daring sissies can certainly go darker). I suggest a light pink, nude or light red.

And paint your nails - toes and fingers, left and right. You're only using one layer, so make sure it's smooth and covers the whole nail bed, but doesn't smear onto your cuticle or fingertip. This assignment will naturally be easier if you're adept with your polish and don't get it all over your cuticles (perhaps if you've given yourself a pedicure before). Let it dry. Read some Elle or take some quizzes.

Once the lacquer is dry be sure to get plenty of girl use out of your effort. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Look at how lovely they look when they're painted. How they shimmer and shine with glossy perfection. Just think - you're doing something that only girls and aspiring girls ever do!

The one thing you must not do is stroke your clitty.

Once you're done admiring vibrant femininity, get 1 (one!) nail polish remover pad. If you don't have pads take one cotton ball or paper towel. Soak it with as much remover as you like, but then cap your remover and get rid of it. Make it as inaccessible as you can to try to help dissuade your cowardly masculine side from ruining your sissy's improvement.

That is all the remover you get - so make it count. Remove as much nail polish as you can (unless you're a very pro-sandal sissy, I recommend starting with your fingers). Very anxious sissies may want to completely avoid their toes to get as much from their fingers as possible.

Naturally the pad will not be able to get all of the polish (obviously that is the point, sissy!). You'll likely be left with small flecks of nail polish around the edge of your cuticles (bold sissies that have much more on their fingers might be better off just redoing their polish and playing off their colored nails as a dare :D ). But don't worry - most people won't be observant enough to notice that you've got the remnants of a sissy lifestyle shimmering all over your nails.

This is obviously not the most classy look. As a beauty-conscious sissy you'll either want to re-paint your nails or clean them completely tomorrow.

Alternatively: sissies can try clear nail polish without any remover.

A Day Off (Assignment)

Oh, not from being a sissy. You and me both know that never happens. Even when you're not dressed in soft, pretty panties and dolled up in your best make-up you're still a sissy.

No, I mean making your male side take a day or two off from ruining your sissy development. Most sissies fap at least once per day (some very horny sissies do so much more often), but immediately after you orgasm your sissy desires immediately subside. Your inner sissy's drive to slurp and suck the cum from your hand; the desire to keep your perfect make-up on all day; the will to go out in public dressed completely as your true feminine self - all that goes away when you cum.

It's incredibly difficult for you to stay a sissy cum slut or even a good sissy maid right after you cum.

So for the next two days indulge any sissy fantasy you have. Wear your panties to work for the first time. Paint your nails. Go to sleep fully made-up. Play dress-up with everything you have (even try folding or taping some of your clothes to look more feminine if your wardrobe is a little sparse). If you're a very outgoing sissy you may even want to go outside and find something interesting to do. But however you spend your time do not cum.

You can even rub your clitty, so long as you have the restraint to keep your inner sissy in control and not making cummies.

And, as a bonus for sissy cum sluts in the audience, after two days there will be plenty more cum for you to enjoy!

Limp (Assignment)

No, not that kind of limp, sissy.

Gestures and mannerisms are an important part of femininity. Most women are more physically expressive than men, but their gestures are also more subtle. Most men don't have the long flowing hair (or the inclination like you do, sissy) to twirl or flip their hair. Most men don't have the breadth of emotion or awareness to bite their lip when they're unsure or aroused. But many sissies are too afraid that someone will notice their womanly gesticulations so they don't practice or reinforce what may come naturally.

Keeping your legs together when possible and not "spreading eagle" when you sit down are both good examples of body language a good sissy should try to emulate, but they're also very obvious. A sissy pretending to be a man doesn't have much of disguise if she folds one leg over the other and always keeps her elbows at her sides. And although a sissy should never really hide her inner girl, it's an inevitable fact that many do.

But there is a gesture that can be very subtle and very feminine: the limp wrist.

A limp wrist shows submissiveness and docility. Female executives are taught to expunge this gesture from their repertoire since it implies defenselessness and weakness. Its use by women is so commonplace that the term "limp-wrist" is often associated with gay men striving for femininity - but that's not applicable here, sissy. You are a sissy realizing her feminine nature.

Your goal for the next week is to consciously do what subconsciously comes to many women: have limp wrists (until it becomes second nature to you too, sissy). If at all possible your wrists should be bent. Your fingers should never be aligned with your forearm; the back of your wrist should not form a line with the back of your forearm. If you're laying your hands on your lap make sure your wrists are slightly bent. Unless of course you're doing something that can only be done with straight wrists (such as typing).

After a week your muscle memory is sure to have gotten in tune with your feminine self and you should be limp whenever it's appropriate.

As a computer-savvy sissy (you are visiting this blog, after all), you can always say you're bending your wrists as physical exercise to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome...and to reinforce your femininity.

A Bit of Branding (Assignment)

No, nothing as devilish as getting "sissy" tattooed onto your thigh (although some of you ladies may wish to work your way up to that). You're going to mark out the area where your inner sissy is freely dominant - your bedroom.

Arts and crafts are an important part of growing up, and unfortunately for many sissies that period was completely usurped by their male alter egos. Well it's time to get your true ego in on that growth and expression from your youth.

You're going to make a sign to announce that your bedroom is the domain of your sissy side - it is hers. She is the owner. Passers-by will also know that this room belongs to a beautiful sissy. This is the chance for your inner sissy to really express herself for all the world to (potentially) see!

The sign itself can be anything, so long as it conveys that the room belongs to a sissy. It could be something as simple as your name (or "Sissy" followed by your name). It could be something more complex, "Attention: Sissy Inside." Hand-written signs are best, but time-conscious and handwriting-conscious sissies could simply print out a version of the image above and then sign it with their name in marker. Decorate it however you want - hearts, stars, or just your sissy handwriting. So long as the sign is legible and clearly shows that it belongs to you, sissy.

More serious and intrepid sissies might even want to have a permanent sign professionally made to showcase their sissydom (you can always work up to that, sissy).

You're going to post it onto a door into your room. Sissies that live in one room apartments may have to put the sign on their front door. Every time you see it you'll be reminded you're entering an area that should belong to your inner girl. Every time anyone else sees it they'll know that a sissy lives there.

Keep the sign up for at least a 3 days. Don't pull it down on a whim (many sissies become regretful after fapping). Put in some extra work to properly secure it if you can't trust yourself. If you truly respect your inner girl you'll want to keep your sissy's sign up longer (or permanently, replacing it and remaking it whenever it gets tattered).

Without the sign your inner sissy knows where she lives. With the sign everyone else does, too.

A Sissy Background

I finally got around to upgrading my computer (hey - it is totally a girly thing - some of the most influential computer scientists were women, like Ada Lovelace as arguably the first programmer ever and Grace Hopper, who coined the term 'bug' and built the first compiler).

 I felt it was only proper to christen it with a proper sissy wallpaper. There was plenty of discussion on newfapchan about girly wallpapers, but I figured I'd make one less girl-centric and more sissy-centric.

In case you're a sissy who's lacklustre at determining hues, the purple background has text repeating "I am sissy. I ♥ boys" (to go with the sissy's fabulous panties (I sooo want a pair, but I have no idea where I could even find them)). Of course, don't let anyone tell you that precludes you from saying "I ♥ girls" too!

 As a bonus (and alternative if you're a bit hesitant to have something secretly saying you're a sissy for all the world (visiting your home) to see: Here's the first sissy game (the first post on this site, even!) de-textified and slightly adjusted for 1920x1080.

But don't let that stop you from searching the net to find the perfect wallpaper to express your femininity. Or - even better - make your own; you're the best one to know what your inner sissy loves.

I know there are some sissies that have to share a computer (and not everyone that uses the computer may be a sissy), but I recommend it to all the lone sissies with a barren desktop crying out for your feminine touch. You may not be able to wallpaper your room, but you can certainly wallpaper your desktop! :D

 (and if anyone would like me to post a slightly tweaked version of the first one with different text or more/less visible text, just let me know).

I bet...

Remember sissy: Never bet anything you can't afford to lose.

The flip side of that coin is the old adage, "You can't win if you don't play."

Summer Reading

The more feminine-nature of many sissies means they often have a more feminine appetite for erotica. Most manly guys love videos or pictures as their porn of choice, while many women settle on erotic novels or erotica. No wonder that many sissies crave a good captioned pic, then! But there's an abundance of free literature to excite your aching clitty.

 Other than sourcing some juicy erotica, it's important to consider what type of story you're looking for. Scientific, magical or mystical transformations? Forced feminization? True tales of sissification? Mind control? Your options are truly limitless. As a budding selection of favorites from a variety of genres:

 The Setup by Superfry

 A guy is troubled by his lost ex as she returns after dumping him and tries to make him suck cock. Features blackmail, semi-forced feminization, crossdressing and manipulation.

 Nymphomania by Edward Miller (and the sequel Help!)

A freshman college students is experimented on, becoming going from normal guy to hyper-aroused slut; her body proportions and arousal grow as she reacts to cum. "Scientific transformation, lots of sex, mind manipulation.

Bike Shed Rendezvous by Tomsparty

A 2nd person tale of how you're lured to the school bike shed and tricked by one of the popular girls. Crossdressing, manipulation, co-erced sexual acts.

The Sadler School Sissy by Slave 23

A new addition to a school finds out he's forced to take on a role to 'relieve' all of the other jocks in school. Transformation, forced feminization, co-erced/forced sexual acts.

Remember: There's no punishment for printing one out so you can lounge out by the sea reading your sissy erotica!

With Love from Sissy (Assignment)

Happy Valentine's Day, Sissies!

Hopefully you've gone and handed someone you fancy a valentine signed with your girly name (if not, there's still time!). There's no better way you show your appreciation than to make your feelings known.

But Valentine's Day is about love, so it's a great time to show your love for your girly side, too.

And what better way to show your love for your sissy side and your special someone than by practicing your girly voice while singing a love song? Time to serenade the love of your life with an appropriately girly tune (or at least practice). Not much practice talking like a girl? You should really remedy that, sissy.

You're the only one that can know the perfect song to represent your feelings, but there are tons and tons to choose from. Maybe you're a bit addicted to that person you love? Or they're the fuel for your flame? Or maybe you're just hoping they'll make the first move

Find your girly voice and try to talk out what you love about being a girl and your special someone. Make sure you've got your voice nice and solid in your girly range (no accidental squeaking or falling back to your dull male voice). Then practice your song a few times (since some of you sissies cheat and don't follow through: that's 3 practice tries, sissy).

Then it's time to belt it out like a sissy diva. Extra bonus points for doing it properly dressed and in front of your beloved (but don't worry if you're too shy to openly profess your love of being a sissy and your love of that special someone).


But is it really blackmail if you're so willing to do it, sissy?

Besides, sissy, you can be sure anyone who gives you print blackmail photos already has plenty of digital copies squirreled away waiting to be sent off if you're not careful.

Deep Undercover

A core tenet of espionage: Always have a contingency plan.

Of course, for some sissies, sucking cock is the contingency plan.

(Unrelated to this anachronistic KGB-filled cappie: thanks to all the new people for visiting and leaving comments! I probably spend more time browsing other people's pages than I really should, but often neglect to leave any comments, even if their stuff is awesome. Way to go for not being like me :D )

All You Could Want

...and right where you want it.

I recently discovered Sexi Lexi and her stuff is fantastic. I know I've got a bit of a cum fetish, so I'm happy to see she has a few choice shots. I feel like sissies are just a bit too eager to swallow (which is good for the sissy, but bad for the show!), so it's nice to see a t-girl show off a bit. It doesn't hurt if she has tons of pictures where she looks great, either!

Courage (Poster)

In case you've been looking for a little something inspirational to hang on your wall.

Now would be a great time to do something girly you've never done before, sissy!

Sit back and relax

Maybe listen to a little something...

Sorry about the slow updates! Also, thanks to the handful of people that vote and comment!

Trap Quest (Game)

Trap Quest is a fantastic transformation roguelike made by aika (a roguelike, for sissies not in the know, is generally a turn-based role-playing game with randomly generated levels and loot).

The development thread is at TFGames.

You've won a chance to play a new virtual reality game where you can win a fabulous cash prize. It's every gamer's dream—making money for playing a engrossing, realistic game.

Moments before you load into the game you're told that the effects in game will be changing your body in the real world. That doesn't sound terrible—albeit a bit dangerous and unexpected. It starts to seem a bit weird once the game starts and you find yourself in a room with a pink motif filled with a closet of girly things. You can't venture out and about naked though; so you decide to throw on the tube top and a pair of panties just for some semblance of modesty. But right after you put on the tube top you can't help but stand up straight and push your chest out...and for some reason you can't bring yourself to take it off. Curses!

Venturing further you stumble over a trip wire that brings down a tiny syringe that injects a strange fluid into your leg. Moments later you feel your nipples tingle and absent-mindedly wonder if your chest is looking a bit too poofy. A few rooms later, when you've accidentally activated a sprinkler that's changing your hair and making your face look more feminine and trying to fend off an animated blow-up doll trying to force its way into your ass, you wonder if you may be a bit over your head.

Hours later and you're strutting about in 6-inch heels, weakly trying to stave off thoughts of sex and submission. By now you've developed formidably sized breasts and are wearing a provocative outfit consisting of a skimpy dress, overly tight bra and a string of a thong—just so you can try to ward off the next fiendish sex-crazed monster you see. You've already passed out once and briefly awoke in the real world to see that your body has indeed changed and your figure in the outside world is becoming girlier and more sexualized. No matter, all you have to do is reach the exit before your mind breaks under the humiliation and constant stream of sex-crazed monsters, slutification and feminizing traps...

Now that doesn't sound too terrible, does it?

The game runs in Gargoyle (an interactive fiction engine that uses text-based input—but don't worry, there's plenty of pictures for you more visually oriented sissies). There's also a wiki to help you out (if you want to know a quick list of commands).

It's a fantastic game that has surprisingly tight focus on sex while still maintaining a semblance of gameplay with actual goals (even if it doesn't have an ending as of Release 6. So if you're interested in vicariously living out your fantasies of being trapped in a world where everything is out to feminize you and turn you into a slut while questing for your freedom and safety (yeah, I think we know that's not happening, sissy), then you will likely enjoy Trap Quest.

(The game can be downloaded through the development thread here.)

Sissy Body Art (Assignment)

Perhaps you may be up for some more sun-baked sissy body art. Unfortunately, many sissies are still faced with sour weather. Plus, suntans have a lack of fidelity. They can also be difficult for many sissies to apply. Fair-skinned sissies often risk sunburns and dry skin; ebony sissies may have trouble getting their art to show up at all.

Luckily there's another option: drawn-on body art. (And for the sissies that have already taken the next step and gotten an actual feminine tattoo: Way to go girl! Your dedication to girliness is an inspiration!)

Find a fine-tipped permanent marker (or my favorite for that extra feminine touch for a sissy: a lipstain) and pick out a design you like. For sissies with limited artistic experience, a simple shape will work best (the shoulder star like Bianca here, a Venus symbol, a bow). In a pinch, a short word also works well. Capital letters are easier to write neatly - even if you've been practicing your girly handwriting, writing on yourself may be difficult. If you can't think of anything else, labelling yourself SISSY would be just perfect!

 But you don't want to hide your art away!

You have to show it off, sissy. If you're not quite brave enough to go with a fully bared piece of body art, you're going to go as close as you can: Your shoulder/upper arm, lower thigh or ankle (hidden, but just barely). No need to worry if you have concerns about your drawing skills - you've got plenty of places elsewhere on your body to practice where no one will see! You can try to draw or trace a pattern in pen and then fill it in with a more permanent solution later on. Or try free-hand if you're a bit more confident (short strokes will work better as you flesh out your design, the marker will naturally bleed over a bit into the surrounding skin).

Once you're done, you'll have a neat little girly reminder that's just a wrinkle or ruffle of clothing away. A raised sleeve, a lowered sock and you'll be able to show off your girly art!

Most permanent ink will wash off within a few days (depending on your marker, it may become much less visible after just one wash - feel free to touch it up as you see fit). If you have sensitive skin, test out a marker first to make sure you won't have any unfortunate rashes or uncomfortable events to ruin your artistic experience.

Most importantly - have fun and express your inner sissy!

Promoting A Sissy

I find most sissies are always looking forward to a new position.

But is it workplace discrimination if a sissy loves it so much?

Bending and Breaking

Press a sissy long enough and she'll give in...

Also thanks to the sissies who submitted nail polish pictures!

Even though I forgot to throw up a new June picture in the Sissy Schedule (hey, it's barely June-like weather over here!), everything should be better now.

Sun, Swimming and Sissy (Assignment)

It's summer, sissy! (At least for the northern hemisphere, where most sissies are—sorry southern sissies). You know what that means? Going outside to enjoy the nice, warm sun. Showing a bit of skin with tight, short clothing. And outdoor swimming to tone up your butt, keep you sleek and show off your feminine curves. What's the point of shaving your legs, painting your toenails and toning your body if you're not going to show it off, sissy?

Let me stop you right now and tell you that this assignment is best done on a warm (75 °F/25 °C), sunny day. If you're an unfortunate sissy living in a rainy, overcast-laden locale, wait for a good day before reading and doing this assignment. But if you're a lucky sissy blessed with good weather, carry on!

Now, you might have worn a women's swimming suit before or you might not have one yet. Today it won't matter.

I've espoused my love of the one-piece before (sure you can show off more of your body with a bikini, but there's nothing that screams "I am girly" like a form-fitting one-piece you can't escape or hide like a bikini bottom.

Your assignment today is very simple, sissy: Go play in the water like a girl. First, don your girly swimming suit. One-piece, two-piece (even an amazing three-piece where the bikini bottom ties together!), the specific suit isn't that important. Now get in the water. Done.

(Needless to say, sissy. You shouldn't be cleaning off any nail polish or makeup you might be wearing.)

If you're one of those sissies in denial that hasn't come to terms with the fact she shouldn't be buying men's clothing and all you have is gruff, ugly male swimming trunks, you will have to "make" your own swimming suit. Grab a permanent marker and draw the outline of the suit you are supposed to be wearing. That's right sissy - the line under your breasts, the fabric patch covering your nipples, the straps to hold it in place, the strings of your bikini bottom. You will draw your suit on everywhere you can reach. Finally, as punishment for not accepting your true nature, you'll also write "I am a sissy" on your tummy in big, legible letters. That way, when you buy your one-piece to cover the writing, you can go out and no one will know what a bad girl you've been.

Backyard pool, busy beach, secluded watering hole. The location doesn't matter, as long as you're wet from head to toe. Feel the added weight of the water soaked into your suit. Cherish the gentle caress of your sopping wet suit clinging to you in all the right girly places.

Of course, for more house-bound sissies (or sissies living in deserts), it can be a bit difficult to find a bathing spot. In that case, you can use your bathtub. Fill it up, splash around, and enjoy yourself. Then quickly pull on your (white!) overshirt and shorts if necessary, throw on your sandals and head out to check the mail or walk around the block. No dillydallying, sissy—you'd better me wet in all the right ways when you get outside!

Now that you've taken your first dip into the summer, it may be time for a bit of tanning. Or just lounge around and enjoy your girly attire until it's dry and then put it away for next time. Time to start enjoying the summer, sissy!

Tg Small Penis

 I have read various blogs and websites that talk about sissies being humiliated for their tiny penises -- our "sissy clitties" as we even call then ourselves!

And why do I read those blogs and sites? Well, that is me they are talking about, of course! Is that you too?

Now, my wife, when talking among friends, or even at social gatherings where she just met another woman, will talk about how tiny my clitty is. But that does not make me sad. It is a fact of my life.  Sometimes she does it to humiliate me, but as you know that can be exciting if you are submissive like we are.

But on the other hand, my wife will also talk about how I have such a talented tongue -- even if I do say so myself! She brags about how wonderful I am to her and how I put her orgasms first and foremost. She talks about how I do all the housework and cook for her.

And you know what: She actually sometimes has these other women feeling really envious. Because their husbands may worry about getting off and rolling over and going to sleep. While sissy wives like us worry about our female partners getting off -- several times -- until THEY wish to drift off to sleep.

So, anyway, my wife has no concern about my sissy clitty. She thinks it is cute, but she ignores it. It is my tongue that she loves! What about you?

There is no better way to be!

I'm not sure where I found this caption, but I have to say that there is nothing truer than what is says there!

I know there was a time after college when I wanted to be with a man, but I found that maybe a sissy T-girl did not fit into the gay lifestyle. Well, I did not anyway and I ended up being submissive to women and eventually the woman who would become my superior wife!

Now, I cannot imagine it being any other way! I am girlie and submissive to a wonderful superior wife and so lucky that she loves me that way. Other sissy T-girls are not so fortunate as some of you reading this may know.