Parents Week 1 - Brotherly Love

Hello all! So for the next three days the Bimbo High series is going to focus on "Parents Week", a mini-series  about the school event where parents/other family members come to meet the students, whether they are feminized or not! I decided to do three days of caps because, 1. I found lots of good images involving brothers, dads, moms, etc that I wanted to use, 2. I wanted this to be a good development point for some key details in this series and the secret project I've been whispering about, and 3. I wanted to try some different caption styles too. You'll learn more as the mini-series continues. So here is the first one - enjoy!

Parents Week 2 - A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

So for this second cap I wanted to do an outsider perspective - Matty has nothing to do with this cap, its purely based on dialogue between two characters. I wanted to do this because this image screamed out what kind of cap should be done, and I think if you look at the photo after reading the cap you'll agree with me. I had a little trouble trying to get out all the details in a way that would make sense, and I'm not sure if I did, but it's definitely an enjoyable read just for the plot twist - have fun reading!

Tears and 'Barbie' Fears

First, big thanks to Ambyr and Danyelle for responding to my idea about summarizing the Bimbo High series in a cap or post - really appreciate it! Anyone else, feel free to weigh in too! Also, the last couple of caps really tie into each other, so if you're just starting out or haven't read anything in the series in a while, make sure to go back and reread for context! With that being said, enjoy this cap about Matty's encounter in the bathroom with the "Barbies"!

It Could Have Been Me...

Matty gets a little visualization of what might of happened to him if he had chosen to join the Barbies. Hope you like it!

Parents Week 3 - Meeting the Coopers

So this is the last cap of Parents Week, and we finally get back on track with Matty narrating again. This was another case of an image that really spoke to me about the result, and it is a VERY important detail that you won't want to miss! I don't know if I did justice to the level of nuance and range of emotion I wanted to convey, but that being said I really like this cap and what it implies about the rest of the series. Enjoy!

"Madams" Family Photo Album #9: Megan Adams

Hi all! I just wanted to finish up the MADAMS series considering how close I was and because I wanted to break up the Bimbo High series with something new. Enjoy!

Link to previous cap in the series

Cap 9: Megan Adams

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Regaining Consciousness and Perspective

Hi all! So I'm going to be in and out of captioning for a while for a variety of reasons - such as personal time I'm going to be taking, the fact that I wrote nine caps and a timeline in eleven days recently, and because I want to plan out some details on where I'm going to go with the series (yes, there is a timeline, but its broad, and I want to have more details). If there is anything you want me to include in the series while I'm trying to fill in blanks, now would be a good time to give recommendations in the comments section!

Okay, so onto this cap! A little bit of a fun intro playing with an idea that many of you want to see happen, followed by a little more detail on Cassie and Matty's relationship. Enjoy!

Learning Through Interviewing

So I decided to try something a little different...this cap is mostly based around an interview that Matty is reading, but still contains some of his perspective on a new development in his life - enjoy!

P.S. I really like Bethany's idea about having a recruitment week for the different cliques (thanks for commenting, btw!). I can't promise that I'll include it, because it can be quite hard to find pics with three or more girls in them (a requirement for a "gang" of bimbos), but I definitely will try to find things that work! And anybody else with ideas, feel free to share too!

Cassandra Cooper

As a disclaimer, this is a Bimbo High cap that has VERY little to do with TG or crossdressing - its mostly set-up for future caps and for the storyline. Anyways, hope you enjoy it anyways - its a bit happier of a cap than most!

Following in My Brother's Heel Steps

So first off, thank you all so very much for the nice feedback yesterday! Four different comments from MsLaraYves, Ambyr, and Loki Trickster really made my day, and also helped me come to a decision on which direction to take the Bimbo High writing! In today's cap I plan on introducing a "narrator" who will describe events at and tell stories about Bimbo High in first person, and most of the caps will come from this person's point of view. That doesn't mean I won't use other styles like exclusively dialogue or an omnipotent 3rd person narrator telling the story, but I think (as did others) that this is a fun style to do and it focuses the plot a bit because it can all be traced back to what the narrator sees/hears/experiences. So without further ado, here is a cap as told by the narrator, Matthew Morgan!

Buddy With a Bulge

Okay, so now that I've introduced the main character of the Bimbo High series, Matthew Morgan, in the last episode in which he talks about his feminized brother, we can begin the new year at Bimbo High! These next couple of caps will be from Matthew's point of view, meeting/introducing some key characters and ideas. I apologize if these next few caps aren't heavy on the feminization/crossdressing aspects of Bimbo High - I will try to mix caps that are more heavy with that into these initial caps, but I also want to set up the storyline as well! Anyways, here is Matthew meeting Bella, his buddy as designated by the Buddy System - enjoy!

It All Works Out...

This cap involves some characters that were mentioned in previous caps, so if you're new you can check out Bella's background and Cassie's background at the corresponding links. Also, I realize I kind of screwed up and didn't highlight some text in the right font color based on who was speaking, but I deleted my template unfortunately, so sorry! Hope its okay as is!


So for this Bimbo High cap I tried to do something a little different. This cap is still from the point of view of Matthew, but it includes a lot of insight directly from the character in this story, because Matthew can only infer what happened based on what this character says. Its not quite third person narration, but its a little change of pace. Hope you like it!

Teachers: They're Here to "Help"

Another Bimbo High cap for you all! Thank you so much for the nice comments and general support for this series - I really appreciate it! Today's cap is a continuation of the series after Matthew's run-in with the Booties, introducing some more characters, including the faculty...enjoy!

Booties in the Bathroom

Another Bimbo High cap for you all! I tried to fit a lot into this one, so I apologize for the small text and long story. Hope you like it anyways!