Trading Places Tg Caps

“When my neighbor Miss Stevens offered to swap lives with me, I thought she was joking,” said Todd, checking out the new tits. “I mean what red blooded young man believes in magic nowadays. She pointed out she was a rich 48 year old widow with millions in the bank, while I was a young man, just out of college with no job, and a couple of nagging parents. I pretended to think about it and said sure, if she could do it, why not.”

“I figured that’ would be the end of things, so I went home and went to bed. Then the next day I wake up here in her body. She left me a note, explaining that she wanted to try life as a man, and thought enough of my looks to trade with me, after she’d put 10 million in an offshore account she could get to. The note said I’d wake up remembering my life, but also with her memories and mannerisms, so I could pass for her, and handle all the girl issues.

And on the whole, I think I got a good deal; I mean yah, I gave up at least 20 years of life as a young man, but these old bones are still smoken hot, and her vibrator collection is impressive! I plan to call my old buddy Steve and see if he’s as good in bed as he says he is; cause now I’m in a position to really appreciate it.

It’s definitely time to see just how the other half lives.”

Perfect Body Theft

“Oh piss off Jen, your hot little body is mine now,” screamed Harry, shifting Jen’s cute ass on the chair arm. “I know you were just using me to help you get a good history grade, but as you can see sometimes real students of history learn about some really interesting things; like body swap spells.”

Jenifer just looked at her old sexy body in shock; it was like looking at her evil twin in the mirror, only now she was stuck in Harry’s fat little form. “But how can you do this, I’ll tell the police, hell your parents, somebody will believe me.”

“Doubt it babe,” said Harry, sitting up and reaching for Jenifer’s clothes. “The spell exchanges your memories too. I’ll remember being Harry, and everything I learned, but now I’ve got all your memories too, like when you screwed Professor Briggs for an ‘A’ in English last year; and what you and Sarah did to those poor boys in the pub.

You on the other hand, are going to forget ever being Jenifer Waters, ever being a hot sexy babe, ever being anybody except nerdy Harry, the history wiz. You’ll know everything about my life, except the spell I found. I’m afraid you’ll just have to go find your own way out of Nerdville Jen, I’ve got your life and body now.”

Jenifer looked on, as her body smiled and walked out of the room, and a grey haze filled her mind. Five minutes later, the new Harry got to his feet, puzzled at the strange dreams of being a hot blonde; where on earth had that come from.

First Time Body Hopper Returns

“My name’s James and I’ve been a body hopper for a couple of years now. Ever since I was struck by a car and had my body killed out in front of my house, I’ve been living other people’s lives — almost always the prettiest women I can find. Like for instance my pretty neighbor Heather here.

She was my first hop; she literally stepped into me on the sidewalk while I was standing there in shock as my body lay there. That first time linking up with a young woman’s body is an orgasmic experience let me tell you. I literally creamed in her pants that first time.

I think that’s pretty much when I swore off men as rides. Oh, there have been the occasional flights between ladies, but they were never serious competition for a hot girl with a nice ass and great knockers like Heather. I mean, when you can look like this, who’d want to be a guy?

Anyway, tonight’s a special night for my old buddy Tom. It’s his senior prom, and I went and borrowed Heather for the weekend, and drove her home from college just to give Tom some major street cred with his classmates. I mean the guy was there for me in the beginning when I was going crazy with the first few days of out of my body and needed to talk with someone.

So now, I’m going to put on Heather’s sexiest party dress and go by Tom’s house and hook up. He’s promised me a corsage and everything, so I plan to give him a great evening; yah he’s definitely getting way past second base with me. After all, I know what the boy can do in bed.

Happy New Year Sissy Caps

Happy New Year to all! Before I get into anything else, I'm sure the hot question is, "When will new captions be posted?" Well I have good news, I have begun making new ones! You should see them beginning to pop up towards the end of the month or the first week of February. I haven't decided which yet. :P
I apologize for not getting them up sooner, but if you read my other blog you'll see that I've been going through a lot of shit in life lately. I finally had an opportunity and drive to start making captions again. It feels good to get back in that groove. :)
So, see you all in a few weeks with all new captions and answers to those formspring questions left for me.


"Good one, I love celeb swaps! Can you make one with Janice Dickinson at the beach (she looks especially haggard in a bikini) about to steal the body of a younger, prettier celebrity?

A Little Awkward, A Little Weird

Sorry about not posting answers to your formspring questions in a while, life has been weird the past couple of weeks and I've just been out of sorts with like everything. I'm hoping to have a post later this week with the answers to your questions.

Pilot Testers

This is going to be the last "Pilot Testers" cap.
BUT don't freak out--
I'm making this into a new label... "readers swapped"
I'm done with the pilot testing idea, but I'll try
and fit in more series where I involve readers in
series like this.
To those who requested but didn't get their cap:
I'm going to get to you in the next series' version.

"Could I be swapped with Emelia Clarke? Could it also be an accidental swap (I meant to switch with a friend but there was a mistake)? Thanks!

Tg Altering the Deal

It is so much fun to be in the mindset of a woman with attitude who wants "other activities". :) Hehehe!
Also there is a new incarnation of TF-Media that has been created out there. It seems like a really cool site and the site admin, Amy, seems like a cool person as well. Most definitely worth giving a look and checkin' the new place out. You can also view my older caps there as well as many others who contributed to the original TF-Media. (though not all of them are viewable yet, give her a break, the site is still new! lol)


"Hello, I had an idea for a caption, it is a bit of a cyperpunk horror story, hope you like it!
A lonely computer genius is madly in love with an artificial intelligence that he has been developing in secret. Apparently the AI reciprocates his feelings, and starts expressing its desire of having a female body. Her creator, already mentally unhinged follows its instructions to build a computer-brain downloading device. Once it is finished, the AI requests a call girl, and orders its creator to lure her into the device. The downloading is a success, but after a brief celebration of its new vessel, the AI mortally wounds its creator and escapes. He was no longer useful. "

My Little Princess

 I made this caption for the March Caption Contest at the new TF-Media. I liked the pic and figured I could make something outta it lol.
Also, as you might have noticed I finally decided to put up a little rating system at the bottom of every post. Don't know why I never did this before, but it's there now.

Dude, Your Mom's Hot

Ok, I know a lot of you have been asking for one, so here is the first possession caption I've ever made. Personally I don't think it's the greatest, maybe cause mainly I don't do this genre, but whatevers. At least I tried.

Fun For The Whole Family

This caption series is by a new friend of mine, C2. This is her first attempt at captioning, but certainly not her first attempt at writing TG. I think she is a fantastic writer and it clearly shows!