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Perfect Body Theft

“Oh piss off Jen, your hot little body is mine now,” screamed Harry, shifting Jen’s cute ass on the chair arm. “I know you were just using me to help you get a good history grade, but as you can see sometimes real students of history learn about some really interesting things; like body swap spells.”

Jenifer just looked at her old sexy body in shock; it was like looking at her evil twin in the mirror, only now she was stuck in Harry’s fat little form. “But how can you do this, I’ll tell the police, hell your parents, somebody will believe me.”

“Doubt it babe,” said Harry, sitting up and reaching for Jenifer’s clothes. “The spell exchanges your memories too. I’ll remember being Harry, and everything I learned, but now I’ve got all your memories too, like when you screwed Professor Briggs for an ‘A’ in English last year; and what you and Sarah did to those poor boys in the pub.

You on the other hand, are going to forget ever being Jenifer Waters, ever being a hot sexy babe, ever being anybody except nerdy Harry, the history wiz. You’ll know everything about my life, except the spell I found. I’m afraid you’ll just have to go find your own way out of Nerdville Jen, I’ve got your life and body now.”

Jenifer looked on, as her body smiled and walked out of the room, and a grey haze filled her mind. Five minutes later, the new Harry got to his feet, puzzled at the strange dreams of being a hot blonde; where on earth had that come from.