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First Time Body Hopper Returns

“My name’s James and I’ve been a body hopper for a couple of years now. Ever since I was struck by a car and had my body killed out in front of my house, I’ve been living other people’s lives — almost always the prettiest women I can find. Like for instance my pretty neighbor Heather here.

She was my first hop; she literally stepped into me on the sidewalk while I was standing there in shock as my body lay there. That first time linking up with a young woman’s body is an orgasmic experience let me tell you. I literally creamed in her pants that first time.

I think that’s pretty much when I swore off men as rides. Oh, there have been the occasional flights between ladies, but they were never serious competition for a hot girl with a nice ass and great knockers like Heather. I mean, when you can look like this, who’d want to be a guy?

Anyway, tonight’s a special night for my old buddy Tom. It’s his senior prom, and I went and borrowed Heather for the weekend, and drove her home from college just to give Tom some major street cred with his classmates. I mean the guy was there for me in the beginning when I was going crazy with the first few days of out of my body and needed to talk with someone.

So now, I’m going to put on Heather’s sexiest party dress and go by Tom’s house and hook up. He’s promised me a corsage and everything, so I plan to give him a great evening; yah he’s definitely getting way past second base with me. After all, I know what the boy can do in bed.