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Trading Places Tg Caps

“When my neighbor Miss Stevens offered to swap lives with me, I thought she was joking,” said Todd, checking out the new tits. “I mean what red blooded young man believes in magic nowadays. She pointed out she was a rich 48 year old widow with millions in the bank, while I was a young man, just out of college with no job, and a couple of nagging parents. I pretended to think about it and said sure, if she could do it, why not.”

“I figured that’ would be the end of things, so I went home and went to bed. Then the next day I wake up here in her body. She left me a note, explaining that she wanted to try life as a man, and thought enough of my looks to trade with me, after she’d put 10 million in an offshore account she could get to. The note said I’d wake up remembering my life, but also with her memories and mannerisms, so I could pass for her, and handle all the girl issues.

And on the whole, I think I got a good deal; I mean yah, I gave up at least 20 years of life as a young man, but these old bones are still smoken hot, and her vibrator collection is impressive! I plan to call my old buddy Steve and see if he’s as good in bed as he says he is; cause now I’m in a position to really appreciate it.

It’s definitely time to see just how the other half lives.”