When I started crossdressing years ago I never imagined in my wildest dreams that someday I would be living as a woman. 
These past few years I have transformed myself into as sexy and feminine a creature as is possible. 

Shaving, ear, nipple, belly button and clitty  piercing's, collagen lips and breast augmentation.

With all that I had done to feminize there is one item that will never get modified. I am talk about full SRS. My boyfriend made it crystal clear that if he wanted a 3 hole girl he would be dating one. 

What my guy wants is a chick with a stick a little effeminate bitch with a boi-pussy. He told me that his attraction to me is that I have a sexy look and a boi-pussy that keeps him coming back for more (like 2-3 times a day.....more). My tessie sac and sissy stick is the magic combination that make my Daddy continually want to breed me. 
I want to hear from all of you gurly sissy faggots. Do you really enjoy having a big manly dick pumping that boi-pussy?
Tell me your naughtiest stories and I will publish them.

Hottest of them all

I love porn and finding images on line that push my buttons.
These are my pick of the hottest cocksuckers I have found on the internet.
Let me know what you think

Girl Time (Assignment)

Many sissy blogs have an overt fixation on sex, without a focus on much else (over the last month or so this is probably true for the Sissy Spot as well). This is understandable, since many sissies are, in fact, perpetually horny and have an overt fixation on sex. Sissies often have a very high sex drive - even if they're not able to exercise it (due to chastity belts or for other reasons).

But whether you hope to become (or your mistress is transforming you into) a cock-crazed super slut or you want to be a more down-to-earth, feminine counterpart to your old male self, there's a simple truth. There's no way your life could exclusively consist of sex and sleeping. Sex is tiring work.

So today we're going to help you get in touch with your sissy side, even during down time. Being girly during daily life is far more enduring and important than just being dressed in girl's clothes for 15 minutes while you rub your clitty through your panties.

So tomorrow after you get home from work or class (or when you wake up, if you have nothing to do tomorrow), you're going to start relaxing like a girl. Of course, like many fun, feminine things this will actually take a little work at first ("Work to relax, Natalie?" I hear you cry. Yes! That's how it becomes routine, more enjoyable and easier to slip into without thinking about it).

You'll have to start with loose relaxation clothes. I recommend panties, a loose-fitting dress and some stockings. If you're a very under-stocked sissy, you could even get by with boxers (or pajama bottoms) and an over-sized T-shirt, but then you'll need to be absolutely sure you don't do any of your stressful, old masculine leisure activities. Then you'll need to put on a little make-up. Blush, lipstick and eyeshadow would be sufficient; you can go more in-depth if you want, but it really needs to be "quick jaunt to the store make-up" - a light application.

If you've gone full-on raccoon eyeliner and porn star-esque lipliner you've certainly gone too far. A good benchmark: you'll know you're wearing make up, but if someone didn't know how you looked saw you, they wouldn't notice that you're wearing any.

Now you're ready to relax until you have to go to sleep. What to do to relax? One of my favorite things is to curl up with a stuffed animal and watch a nice movie. A "chick flick", a childhood favorite or a simple drama would be best. Naturally plenty of actual girls like action or sci-fi, but you'll need something softer and more cerebral for this assignment.

Alternatively you could practice giving yourself a manicure or pedicure - they can be quite relaxing when done right (of course). An excellent option is to take a lovely, scented body lotion and give yourself a massage (you'll also have the side-benefit of smelling very femme!).L Listening to music and chatting are also good girly past times. Reading (if in doubt find a female author) or doing puzzles will work nicely as well.

Just make sure you're doing things you enjoy that you wouldn't be doing in "boy mode" (or however you want to refer to those boring things you pretend to enjoy when not being true to your sissy self).

There's only one thing you mustn't do. You are absolutely, positively not allowed to touch your clitty. No sex, no masturbation. Dressing like a girl may still excite you, but sex is only a very small portion of what you do during the day, so it's time to practice something else instead of rubbing yourself to orgasm. This also has the side benefit of keeping you a bit more focused on being girly.

Bracelet (Sissy Lifestyle)

Has shaving become so second nature that you don't even remember adopting a sissy lifestyle? Then it's time to add a new accessory to your sissyness with a new sissy lifeestyle change.

Men do not accessorize very well. Most men do not happily wear jewelry and accessories. A watch or a ring may be dutifully worn for work or marriage. Some men may even wear a necklace or bracelet for remembrance or religion, but very rarely do they vary their accessories or wear anything delicate and feminine. Of course, you're different sissy. You would love to wear something girly. Something that exhibits your inner femininity.

That's why it's time to get your very own sissy bracelet.

It doesn't need to be flashy or personalized (although that doesn't hurt). It doesn't need to be fragile or difficult to handle, either. In fact, a delicate necklace made of pink or purple glass (or plastic) beads would be perfect. Something beautiful, durable and easy to put on would be perfect.

If you're into arts and crafts this is a perfect opportunity to give your inner sissy the memory of a childhood activity; you could buy the materials to make an even more personalized bracelet (nothing says "I love my inner sissy" like a bracelet that you wear every day with her name on it!).

This will be your go to accessory. Many sissies are still a bit hesitant to announce their femininity to the world, so fully dressing up as you'd like may not be an option. But your sissy bracelet will be there to make sure you're always reminded of who you truly are. You'll take it off for bed and put it on your nightstand. You'll slip it on first thing in the morning. Whenever you're alone it will be there, gracefully dangling from your wrist.

You're going to keep this bracelet on-hand at all times (although you need not wear it if others are around). You'll wear it whenever you're alone - especially if you're pretending to trounce around like a man instead of dressed up like the sissy girl you are (you need not actually wear it in the shower or swimming or the like - just have it nearby in such cases).

The rationale for your new sissy bracelet is two-fold: exhibiting your femininity and remind you of your femininity.

Unlike panties or bras or even stockings or toenail polish, a bracelet is eminently visible, flashy and very feminine. You may be sitting at your computer, but a glimpse down at your wrist will remind you of the sissy inside that you shouldn't be ignoring. In addition, bracelets and other jewelry are a basic accessory that women all over the world use to express their personality, fashion sense and to draw attention.

The most important function of the bracelet will only become apparent after you've worn it consistently for a few days. Many sissies have not advanced far enough that they're willing to dress and express their femininity in public - at work or out and about. Since you only have to wear the bracelet when you're alone, you still won't need to wear the bracelet in such situations. But because you'll be wearing it every chance you get, you'll get used to it. You'll start to notice how bare your wrist feels without it. You'll be reminded of the weight and meaning and femininity.

You may just want to keep your sissy bracelet proudly on display all the time.

Left from Right

It's hard to know if she really has a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

I love sissies and I love transformations, but I prefer both of them to be somewhat realistic in my captions. I also like my sissies decently smart. So how magic and bimboization got into the same caption, I'm just not sure. :D


"You only need to introduce yourself as 'Sissy Shawna' to 5 people instead of 10."

This is also a great way to keep sissification progressing. Scaling back a goal can be more effective if the alternative is abandoning the goal. You've cum in your shot glass but you're to hesitant to gulp it down? Don't worry, just give it a little dab with your tongue. Convinced yourself to wear a nude fingernail polish outside for a quick walk, but backing down? You can always console yourself with a second place prize of wearing a more brilliant polish color on your toenails for a full week instead!

Night Ride

Even if the car is gone, that doesn't mean you can't have a ride.

A ride back to your place? A ride home? Something a bit more material? Maybe even nothing at all...

Busty Transformation

A 3 part special in celebration of 11-11-11!

Instruction Videos

I've noted before that I love second person materials (the "you do it" narrative). Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find quality material, because the "you" that the person in the video is speaking to may not coincide with you. Since they're addressing the viewer they're usually POV (point of view) videos.

There's a propensity with domination and instructional videos to call the viewer a loser or worthless, which just doesn't flow with me (some sissies might be losers, but the two are not synonymous). Although some of those videos can still be good.

And if you're hanging out on this blog you likely have at least partly similar tastes, so I'm here to share some of my favorites (there are plenty of websites around for collections of videos, like Annamalice's). Two subsets of 2nd person videos are CEI (cum eating instructions) and JOI (jerk-off instructions). If ever a sissy could feel like she's not alone, it's when there are two obscure acronyms attached to her fetishes.

Three-part Feminization
Wear a chemise and panties to bed, wear lip gloss and paint your nails. If nothing else you'll get a nice example of why you should do the Gloss assignment.

Buttplug encouragement
Loses me after the 6 minute mark, but otherwise a nice entrapment/blackmail video.

CEI spoon
Lexi Lapetina can be hit or miss. The first minute misses the mark for me, but the double-take interaction at the end can make up for it.

POV sucking
This one is one of the few 'training' videos around that are actually POV with a cock in your face, so that's why it gets my recommendation.

Of course, many sissies - like most women - do best with text and pictures, but sometimes audio and video can be absolutely enthralling. Happy viewing, sissies!

Soak it up

But who knows what the side effects are?

Busy week out of the blue, but there's always time for an occasional caption!

Sissied Away

It's like getting carried away, but you never know where you might end up. Or what might end up inside you.

Legs wonderfully smooth sissy? Sissy bracelet hanging from your wrist, constantly teasing you with your own femininity that you force yourself to bottle up? Don't worry, you can probably keep the sissy part of yourself under control...for a little longer, anyway :D .


Agony with an "ahhh".

But sometimes it takes a harsh mistress to help you enjoy the little things.

Anonymity (Poster)

So your legs are silky smooth and you might happen to have a shimmering pink bracelet that reminds you that you should be feminine whenever you can. Maybe you've gone out in public very self-conscious that other people will see the shimmer of your painted nails. Maybe you've worried that a coworker would notice your panty lines or bra straps under your shirt.

Or you might be trying to keep your sissy side a secret. And only your neighbors know - staring at you through your bedroom window each time you decide to transform yourself into your beautiful inner sissy. You might even have a secret admirer who doesn't even know your name - only your beautiful feminized form in the window across the street.

Or maybe you've been a very secretive sissy - hoarding your femininity all to yourself :D


There's a reason she's your Mistress and not your Occasionally Mistress.

Obviously if you are her sissy she knows what's best for you.

(Also this is what I would have posted on Thursday, had my computer decided it didn't want to partially exploded on me half-way through making it - but on the plus side, my computer is back to life :D )

Yuki's Years

Don't worry if something seems impossible or unthinkable right now. Time can make a lot of difference. Like going from yucky to yummy.

Of course, a bit of coaxing, prodding and encouragement never hurts (figuratively, at least :D ).


Surely she's just very susceptible.

Maybe you'll be next, and you can know for sure..

Come Off (Assignment)

Cum is a wonderful thing. It is an adhesive, an invisible ink, a means of procreation. For some cultures (or people) it is the flavoring of choice. It's even suspected to be an anti-depressant (I think that means you know what to do the next time you're feeling a little down :D ). But for a sissy the greatest use is probably as a symbol of submission and femininity.

Macho, masculine guys are never supplicant. They never dream or hope to kneel down in front of a guy to show their ability at serving cock. They don't hope to feel the warm burst of cum splashing on their face or inside their mouth.

Remember make-off, sissy? Your assignment is very similar, with some key differences.

You've got another chance to practice your perfect, feminine make-up. You'll certainly want a minimum of lipstick (or gloss), blush, eyeshadow and something a bit more enduring like eyeliner or mascara. Be sure to give your inner sissy the time she deserves, and don't feel obligated rush to get the make-up off.

Now you're going to discover a new use for cum: as a make-up remover.

That's right, you're going to cum or (if you're a very lucky sissy) use someone else's cum to clean off your face. And to help you stay true to your assignment, you must ruin your first orgasm. That way you'll have some cum to work with and you have a better chance of controlling your bothersome other half.

(If you're not familiar with "ruining" an orgasm, this is when you stop stroking your clitty the moment before you cum. Stroke until an instant before you orgasm and then take your hand away. You'll still cum, but it will not be your usual orgasm.)

All you may use to clean off your make-up for the next 24 hours is cum. And you'll have another wonderful use for cum. It's certainly not the most healthful or efficient use of cum (and some sissies may need to ask permission if their mistress has ordered them to drink every drop), but every sissy need to experience the feeling of having dried cum all over her face (and if you might happen to need to explain why you're wearing eyeliner and why you so obviously smell like cum, that's just a side benefit).

You can always elect to not try cleaning off your make-up for the day. Cum getting in your eyes does sting, after all.

(And, as before: safety first. Even if you're cowardly male side is desperate to clean off your make-up, be very careful about rubbing your eyes. They can take the pH change from cum easily (even if it stings), but rubbing bits of powder or dust under your eyelids inadvertently when wiping your eyes can be harmful)


It will all work out in the end.

Of course, it may be inside your end.

Sissy Mail

Sometime today I can happily welcome the 100,000 visitor to the Sissy Spot. So welcome all you wonderful sissies, I hope the blog is doing everything you need in a sissy spot - fap material, inspiration and goals for your feminine development!

A slight intermission from captions, assignments and games for some comments/questions from sissy visitors.


Regina's always happy to see her trained sissies develop.

"This may not be the right place to ask this. But will Mistress Regina ever have another run on here Natalienne?"
- AverageCoder

She's sure to be back at some point, hopefully the next time I manage to get an extended vacation she'll have some free time as well.


The sissy posters here are naturally an extension of those inspirational posters hung on every office wall (but much more fitting for sisses). But my original inspiration was, in fact, Steffi. So it is wonderful to see that she's stopped by my blog.

I'd also love to share my favorite Steffi poster (which is actually from her Naughty Bits blog instead of the normal page).

"Hey Natalie, Thought you might be interested. My Blog is back up and running :) Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog Happy New Year!"
- Steffimariechen

I first saw her postings at SissyKiss, but the work is much more concentrated at her own blog; you're bound to find some captions you love!


I love hearing lovely stories from sissy (especially if my assignments help make you yearn to relive them :D ). I'm sure most sissies are just stopping by to improve their girly side, so I'd hate for gems like this to fall by the wayside:

"i used to have a house with a pool in the back. i would put on my pink bikini with a white t-shirt over it, then go clean the pool. people could see me, and also my bottoms peeking out from under the shirt. then i would make sure to get the shirt wet so my top was visible. and then i would take off the top and swim for hours. i loved it so much, the feel of the top on my nipples, the pull of the string on the back of my neck as i swam, my clit tucked back and held tightly by my bright pink bikini bottom. omg. i would always put on my lipstick before i went out too, it made me feel just delicious. i ended up with five different suits, all bikinis, mostly pink, some triangle top, some halter top. now the house is gone, the pool is gone. i still have the suits but its not the same. i miss it. ;)"
- tammie

Hopefully you'll have another lovely pool for your sissy self to exercise in!

Otherwise, I love to see so many sissies adopting and loving their new sissy lifestyles. Don't worry, there are sure to be more aspects of a sissy lifestyle for your development. And of course - based on the main draw my traffic sources - there's sure to be some more roulettes and assorted games. I also hope to get some interactive flash quizzes and more in-depth games, but I need to find some suitable resources first.

Nothing up her sleeve

Of course, how much worse is it for someone to know you've got a personalized shirt expressing your sissyness?

A Drink to Celebrate

A new year of sissydom.

Hopefully your sissy resolutions and your sissy lifestyle are in full swing for your brand new year!


Sometimes the only thing keeping you trapped is yourself.

2012 Resolutions (1)

It's almost the beginning of a new year (for most of the world, anyway), which means it's also time for resolutions. Goals for you to aspire to and fulfill for a full year. So today and tomorrow I'll have some resolution ideas for you. They'll be split between feminization and sissification.

Today is the day to pick a resolution for your own feminization throughout the year.

Femininity is the key trait for a good sissy. Taking on the mannerisms, affectations, demeanor and general state of the fairer, better sex is what being a sissy is all about. So it's important to pick and stick to a resolution that will help develop your girlhood, even if it's something you alone will notice.

1. Grow your hair.

Hair grows a little more than 1 cm (about half an inch) per month. That means if you don't cut your hair at all this year, you'll be well on your way to luxurious, feminine locks for your next New Year's resolution. Of course, split ends and frayed hair aren't so appealing, so don't hesitate to get your hair trimmed once or twice during the year.

2. Use hygiene products for women

No, not tampons (unless you're very dedicated). This is for more mundane, everyday stuff. The most obvious example would be deodorant. Secret would be deliciously fitting, don't you think, sissy? Other options are: replacing your Schick with a Venus. Replacing your ChapStick with a shimmering Burt's Bees lip shimmer. You might even look into something as simple as a brand new purple or pink toothbrush.

3. Pluck your eyebrows

It's been covered here before: don't let the immaculate eyebrows you see on the street fool you. Getting a perfect feminine arch takes delicate plucking (or a steady hand with an eyebrow pencil). So there's no reason that you can't get your own sissy tweezers dedicated to sculpting your brow. Of course, you could resolve to plug 3 or 5 hairs every day until you've got the right shape, so that you don't accidentally make a irreparable mistake or surprise your coworkers too much. And once you've got them just perfect, you can move on to maintaining them for the rest of the year (they do grow back, of course!).

4. Switch to all feminine underwear

Gradually throughout the year - either once a week or whenever they have holes - throw out your old, gross male boxers or briefs and replace them with the delectable panties your inner sissy desires. By this time next year, you can be sure you'll have a drawer of beautiful panties, thongs, bikini bottoms and other with lingerie - and not a pair of bulky, unflattering, rough male underwear. Bras are optional :D (perhaps you're a sissy in the spirit of 70s femininism?).

So there you go sissy. You need not pick right now - it's not yet the New Year. But you should certainly mull over what sort of resolution you want to proclaim for yourself. One that you can unwaveringly follow.

Going overseas and don't want to explain your dove lady's deodorant to a TSA agent? Well you may be better of winking at him with your immaculate eyebrows. Head a bit too patchy for beautiful, flowing sissy locks (it's okay, sissy, a decent number of women also suffer from receding hairlines)? It may be time to focus a bit lower down and sculpt what hair you do have for your brand new panty collection.

2012 Resolutions (2)

It's almost the beginning of a new year (for most of the world, anyway), which means it's also time for resolutions. Goals for you to aspire to and fulfill for a full year. So yesterday and today I've got some resolution ideas for you. They'll be split between feminization and sissification.

Today is the day to pick a resolution for your own sissification throughout the year.

Every sissy aspires to pure femininity, but their end-goal as a girl can differ greatly. Some want to be cuckolded, some want to become cumsluts, some want to be obedient submissives, and others just want to be girls. Some are undecided and sample from all walks of sissydom. So your sissification goal will very much depend on you.

1. Buy a dildo and/or a butt plug.

Do you dream of sucking cock every night? Is your mind full of ideas of you dressed as a slut, taking it in each of your sissy holes? If either of those sound remotely like you, then it's time to stop putting off your destiny any longer. Buy a dildo or a buttplug (or both) and start practicing stretching and sucking every day. When you finally reach the tipping point of making your dreams come true you'll be ready on moment's notice. Plus you'll have loads of fun in the meantime.

2. Only cum once per week

As discussed previously, your head and male persona are the main obstacles preventing your sissification from progressing more rapidly. Right after he cums he wants to rub off all the makeup, turn off the hypnosis and spit out that lovely load of cum. Well it's time to limit his influence by limiting how often you masturbate to just once a week. 52 orgasms per year or fewer. It may even be time to get yourself a cage and hand off the key to someone to keep you honest. But think of the progress your feminine side will make (and how sensitive your clitty will be for each time you cum)!

3. Get and maintain a sissy tan

You don't need deep-bronzed skin. You don't even need to visit a tanning salon every day, but you are going at least 3 times per week until you get a base tan, and then once per week after that. Wearing a bikini (or bra and panties) so that you can be sure to have sissy lingerie branded onto your skin. And then in summer you can tan outside, how perfect for a blossoming sissy!

4. Get a professional manicure/pedicure at least every 3 months.

Sissies, like the girls they emulate, focus on beauty. And if a sissy's goal is simply to be the best possible girl, then she certainly has to follow suit. Many women treat themselves to manicures and pedicures for special occasions. And while many of them do them at home very week or two, beauty-conscious women often go in for professional work every few months for a day of pampering. It's time to add that to you schedule. You're going to get your nails done - professionally (although you can certainly work on them every week at home, too). And you'll surely want to build up a rapport with your nail technician, so make sure you go to the same nail salon each time.

5. Wear diapers at least once per day

Because many sissies love AB/DL, I've got an extra resolution option for them: wear a diaper at least one day per week. Of course, on the day diapers are mandatory good little sissies will only use the potty once in the morning, and then are relegated to their diaper for the rest of the day.

So there you go, sissies. It's time to pick which resolutions you want to embrace for the coming year. You'll certainly need one feminization resolution, but whether or not you have a sissification goal is up to you (of course, if it were up to me I'd say "Yes, you need to have one!" :D ).

That does it for 2011. Thanks for visiting the blog and providing feedback (also nice to see the feminization resolutions have garnered such a fast response!). I appreciate the support! So...

Say it Sissy (Assignment)

It's true: many sissies are of few words. For some sissies it's because they're demure, good little girls; for others it's because they're face is too stuffed to give out anything but a satisfied moan. But for many sissies, it's simply because they're focused on overt things like makeup or clothes or boobs.

But how could any sissy truly hope to reach her true potential if she's too embarrassed or impatient to bring out her own natural, harmonious feminine voice?

First things first: you'll need to practice getting rid of your heavy, masculine tones. There are a few methods for doing this. And unfortunately, just talking with a high-pitched voice won't cut it. There are many videos that can help you with this and many techniques, so you'll need to find one that works. I can start you with this series start. For girls short on time there's a potentially quicker option:

  • Grab a pillow (or something else to mask noise - if needed) 
  • Take a deep breath 
  • Cover your mouth/face with the pillow and then gargle with your voice until it's at the lowest pitch you can get to without it cracking
  • Say, "The wicked witch of the west" repeatedly (30 times or more)
  • Repeat it many more times while trying to sound like an old person 
  • Try to maintain that adjustment while speaking normal sentences.

Of course, each sissy will learn differently, so you'll have to experiment. It may be difficult to judge what you actually sound like, so you may want to use a microphone and Windows Sound Recorder or something like Audacity to check yourself.

Then it's time to practice! For the next 6 hours after you practice try to keep in tune. If you lead a very lonely life or are still hiding your sissy nature, it may be time for a soliloquy about how much of a girl you aspire to be. Or perhaps your love of cock or of women. You may also want to practice some suitable songs.

And since sex and expression are a focal point for sissies, the most important part of your assignment: every time you masturbate you are going to moan and whimper like cock-crazed sissy every time you rub and stroke your clitty. This is surely the part that many sissies will excel at (they may not be able to speak like a girl, but many of them can certainly moan like one).

Of course, you've been practicing your voice, so you'll certainly want to throw in some exclamations about how much you love things on you and inside of you.

Try not to wake the neighbors, sissy :D


Only a bimbo or a very obedient sissy could be so aloof.

For those unaware, Pueraria mirifica is not fish oil, but an herb with one of the highest concentrations of phytoestrogens, which ensures its use as a means of natural breast enhancement (and based on anecdotal evidence, once of the few phytoestrogen-heavy herbs capable of influencing hit and waist fat redistribution as well).

And for other supplemental Thailand-related information, kathoey is essentially ladyboy.

I received a fantastic anal training kit for Christmas. The largest plug is a bit big for me, but I've never need so much fluid ooze out of me - the vibe is heaven.

Hope all of you sissies had an exquisite holiday!