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Not A Street Tough Anymore

Derek hung out with the wrong crowd and got mixed up with a group of punks. The leader of the crew dared Derek to steal the purse of the next woman who walked by. Not wanting to look weak, Derek accepted the dare. The next person was young woman dressed in lolita. He snatched her purse and ran leaving her on the ground.

What Derek didn't know was that people who embrace the lolita style are protected by a very powerful force. That night, the purse in Derek's room glowed. The glow traveled from the purse and was absorbed into Derek. When Derek awoke, he was guided by a new way of thinking. He stopped hanging out with those awful boys. He grew out his hair and took better care of his skin. He shaved his body and dieted. Then, when the glow had decided that his body was ready, it made the final change.

Derek threw out all of his terrible male clothing and replaced it with beautiful dresses and skirts. He got his hair done in gorgeous ringlets. He wanted to be as pretty as he could. He was now a lolita and he was happier than he had ever felt. Grabbing a book, he went to the park where it all started and had a wonderful day.