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Call of Lolita

Jason was a bully through and through. He was a bully at school. He was a bully at the park. He was a bully at home. His mother was tired of the suspensions, the run-ins with the law, and the tears from his younger sister. Looking online, his mother found a website that promised to take the bully out of any bully. It put subliminal messages under any video game. Since Jason had been bothering his mother to get him the new Call of Duty, it would work perfectly.

Jason suspected nothing when his mother gave him the game. He ran up to his room and started playing. After a couple of weeks of nonstop playing, Jason's demeanor changed. He stopped getting in trouble at school. He stopped acting out at home. Jason's mother was thrilled. It had worked. But the game was not done with Jason.

Jason decided he wanted a smooth body and shaved everywhere below the neck. He decided to lose weight. He didn't like all of his muscles. They made him look too bulky. Thin was better. He became obsessed with Japanese fashion. He started ordering clothes online because his clothes were too plain. He wanted something prettier, more feminine. Everything he was doing felt so right.

Three months after his got his video game, Jason was a new person. He acted completely like a girl. His mother was worried at first but Jason is so sweet to everyone now, she couldn't bring herself to stop it. Here is Jason getting ready for school. He looks beautiful.