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The Belleford Hotel

The Belleford Hotel has always been home to the finest of events. Every wedding, convention, and gala has gone perfectly and it should. The Hotel makes sure it does. If a wedding cake is not going to be ready on time, somehow a perfect match will appear in the kitchen refrigerator. If the keynote speaker misplaces her speech, she manages to come up with something even better off the cuff. That's just how it goes at the Belleford Hotel.

So it was just an unfortunate mistake that Tom Sherman, a reputable businessman, booked a room at the Belleford Hotel at the same time as a lolita convention. Tom didn't understand why all of these seemingly grown-up girls were dressed like they were having a toddler tea party. It was distracting and he had an important meeting to get to. Tom got on the elevator in his usual suit but something happened on the way down. Tammy exited the elevator in her favorite look. The lolita convention was only in the area once a year and it was so much fun.