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Lolita On Ice

Trevor was invited to an ice skating party. After spending an hour turning the garage upside down, he couldn't find his hockey skates. His sister Mary Ann offered her figure skates saying they were white. Trevor blew up at her.

"Figure skates are for prissy little girls! No guy would be caught dead in them!"

Trevor's mom walked in at the end of the tirade and demanded he apologize to his sister. Then his mom told him he had to wear his sister's skates or he couldn't go. Begrudgingly, Trevor grabbed the skates from his smiling sister.

When Trevor got to the rink, he took them out of his bag and laced them on. When he finished tying them, a strange sensation overtook him. He looked on in horror as his jeans turned into a beautiful pair of patterned tights. His t-shirt lengthened, cinched in at the waist, and flared out at the bottom. His sweatshirt became a flimsy camisole and scarf. His body shrank to lose all of his boyish muscle. The hair on his head grew to the middle of his back and was held in place with a huge bow.

Trevor was now Tara and she was a perfect match for her white figure skates.